Monday, September 11, 2006

My Latest Creation

Here it is, my latest creation. TA DA!!

Family and friends make the babies. I make the baby quilts. This one will soon be on its way to California. It’s for Mikatrin Ava, Paula and Patrick’s new baby daughter.

Paula and DC used to be roommates. She introduced us to each other, as a matter of fact, and also lobbied hard against DC’s rule against dating her friends. Without Paula, I’m sure by now I would be well down the road to becoming a weird, reclusive cat-lady. You would have probably seen me on the local 6pm news, being raided by the SPCA for having 73 cats in a single-family house. The neighbors would have finally had enough and called in the authorities.

Instead, I am the semi-normal, cat-less, happily-married woman you see before you today. Thank you, Paula!


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